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The facts

Team Size: 15

Location: London (Currently Remote)

Hours: 9.30am - 6pm

A few big names...

About Borkowski

Latte is the talent partner to Borkowski, a pioneering, public relations agency described by The Guardian as “one of the country’s most astute PR operations, responsible for a sizeable chunk of most days’ newspapers”.

Led by PR authority Mark Borkowski and based in the London landmark, Somerset House, Borkowski has constantly shape-shifted over the past 30 years to fit the changing zeitgeist, working across the Media and Creative Industries, Tech, Government and Politics, Corporate, Consumer and the Third Sector, as well as maintaining a highly respected Arts and Entertainment operation.

The mastermind behind the Cadbury Wispa relaunch, Mark's a well-known and respected speaker, commentator and writer. Offering his expert opinion, insiders insight and distinctive point of view, you can find Mark Borkowski's thoughts and musings on the news agenda on his blog at He's also written two books.

Evolving from roots in the world of show business has given Borkowski a skill for adding a cultural component to a corporate campaign, while their grounding in hard news issues and high-level campaigning has given them the instincts to turn an arts or entertainment project into a news event or even a force for societal change.

Borkowski has a relationship of trust through a black book of long-standing relationships, with powerful media and business influencers.

Whether as consultants, facilitators of introductions to partner organisations, commissioners or producers of events or content, or even influencer and celebrity relationship managers, they will go the extra mile to create a story which will increase their client’s fame, influence and media profile.

Borkowski also offers tailored, practical responses to crisis situations, identifying threatening issues and providing robust counsel through turbulent times.

You can find links to Borkowski's weekly take on the news and current trends here:

Scroll down to check out Borkowski's live job opportunities below, or email [email protected] for more information on Borkowski's culture and opportunities.

Top 5 Benefits:

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