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About Latte

Latte is a PR & Comms recruitment agency that places proper PR talent into London’s most creative and strategic PR jobs. We make sure the human stays in human resourcing by sticking it to the hard sell and allowing PR people to make decisions based on cracking insight and totally relevant information. Candidates get open advice tailored to support career moves and we get to go on their individual journeys with them. And just because some people ask – no, our super personalised experience doesn’t cost the candidate a thing.

Our relationships with clients are second-to-none because there’s mutual trust and partnerships. We’ll never send CVs without certainty of potential fit and we’re picky about which agencies, brands and tech start-ups we recruit for so that we attract solid PR candidates to place in them.

No mumbo.

If you’re looking for a London PR & Comms job, need to hire top talent, or simply want an update on salaries in the market, we're definitely the team to talk to. We also cover strategic, creative & social roles within the integrated PR sector.

Contact the team

Dean Connelly

Founder/Recruitment Director

As one of the most people-people we know, it seems a little strange that he enjoys Friday-nights-in so much. Though, it's usually so he can wake up fresh on Saturday to have brunch and meditate, which is no doubt why he's such a good head honcho. Contact: [email protected]

Chantelle Brown

PR Senior Recruitment Consultant

Chantelle joined us before the London lockdown and has weathered the storm. She’s our bright spark from Norwich and her favourite kinds of people are the ones that laugh at their own jokes. She’s a proper people person and with hobbies like yoga, bottomless brunch and binge-watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, we knew she’d be a match. Contact: [email protected]

Hannah Spencer

Social Media and Operations Executive

Hannah is our social media guru that helps Latte keep our brand on point. Han's a huge Taylor Swift fan and knows the lyrics to (nearly) all 206 songs. Her fave food is anything brunch-related. She's super passionate about using business-for-good, and is a strong advocate for B-Corp brands. Contact: [email protected]

Will Sinclair

PR Recruitment Consultant

A certified wine specialist who’s spent over a decade working in restaurants all over the world, Will impressed us from our very first meeting. Not only is he talented in tasting and serving top notch food & drink, but can play two instruments, has extensively travelled South-East Asia and knows Devil wear Prada almost word perfect. Contact: [email protected]

Krish Jeyakumar

Social Media Consultant

Krish is our social media guru. Krish has six years experience both in-house and agency side, and holds a strong passion for building diversity and true intersectionality into the PR sphere. When Krish isn't helping create killer content for Latte, you'll find them in Marmelo Kitchen enjoying an (oatmilk) Latte. Contact: [email protected]

Sophie Hatt

PR Recruitment Consultant

Our country girl turned Londoner, Sophie's our newest Latte recruit. She's super into astrology, and won us over immediately with her drive to build strong client relations. When she's not delighting clients, you'll find her stroking the office dogs, or by the prosecco tap. Contact: [email protected]

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