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About Latte

Latte is a PR & Comms recruitment agency that places proper PR talent into London’s most creative and strategic PR jobs. We make sure the human stays in human resourcing by sticking it to the hard sell and allowing PR people to make decisions based on cracking insight and totally relevant information. Candidates get open advice tailored to support career moves and we get to go on their individual journeys with them. And just because some people ask – no, our super personalised experience doesn’t cost the candidate a thing.

Our relationships with clients are second-to-none because there’s mutual trust and partnerships. We’ll never send CVs without certainty of potential fit and we’re picky about which agencies, brands and tech start-ups we recruit for so that we attract solid PR candidates to place in them.

No mumbo.

If you’re looking for a London PR & Comms job, need to hire top talent, or simply want an update on salaries in the market, we're definitely the team to talk to. We also cover strategic, creative & social roles within the integrated PR sector.

Contact the team

Dean Connelly

Founder/Recruitment Director

As one of the most people-people we know, it seems a little strange that he enjoys Friday-nights-in so much. Though, it's usually so he can wake up fresh on Saturday to have brunch and meditate, which is no doubt why he's such a good head honcho. He spends half the year in Aus, making us all jealous with his close proximity to the golden beaches and warm ocean breeze. Contact: [email protected]

Chantelle Azzopardi-Brown

Recruitment Manager - UK

Chantelle joined us before the London lockdown and has weathered the storm. She’s our bright spark from Norwich and her favourite kinds of people are the ones that laugh at their own jokes. She’s a proper people person and with hobbies like yoga, bottomless brunch and binge-watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, we knew she’d be a match. Contact: [email protected]

Sophie Hatt

Senior Recruitment Consultant - UK

Our country girl turned Londoner, Sophie joined Latte in our post-covid growth spurt! She's super into astrology, and won us over immediately with her drive to build strong client relations. Always looking ready to walk at Fashion Week, she's a depop professional and we're all envious of her ability to find gems and make anything look good. Contact: [email protected]

Satchit Srikanth

Recruitment Consultant - UK

With heaps of ambition, Satchit impressed us with from day one. Recognisable from the multitude of rings often on his fingers, he spends his free time singing and making music, going to gigs or in thrift stores. He loves experimenting and exploring new vegan dishes. His dog Lois is the remaining 50% of his personality and can be found scattered across 100% of his social media. Contact: [email protected]

Hannah Prestwood

Senior Marketing Executive

Fueled on flat whites and Portuguese tarts, Hannah is Latte's brand guardian (a.k.a. the one who gets us all to make TikToks). Beyond her marketing prowess, she's an avid horse rider and unapologetic Swiftie. Having recently moved to Singapore, she's now working for Latte from the Lion City. Contact: [email protected]

Sam Zarouba

Recruitment Consultant - Australia

Sam is our resident Aussie who leads on all our recruitment down under. Living the best of both worlds like her childhood idol Hannah Montana, Sam is half (incredible) recruiter, half student - currently studying for her Criminology & Psychology degree. In her free time you'll find her binge-watching Modern Family, swimming, reading fiction, spending time with animals and video gaming. Contact: [email protected]

Lucy Ansa-Addo

Talent & Operations Executive

From writing children's books and performing at Glastonbury (yep, seriously!) to designing some of the coolest earrings we've ever seen, Lucy brings an incredible blend of creativity and talent to Latte as our Talent & Operations Executive. Contact: [email protected]

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