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How small PR agencies can attract talent.

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Written by Chantelle Azzopardi-Brown, UK Recruitment Manager, Latte Recruitment.

Spoiler alert: You don’t need to have the biggest accounts or shiniest benefits to attract talent.

But if all you’re bringing to the table is hybrid working, a company laptop, and a website from the early 2000’s, you’re probably going to struggle when it comes to finding your next hire.

So how can smaller PR agencies can  stand out, beat the competition and attract great talent?

1. Invest in your employer brand.

Consistently tell your own story to be top of mind for prospective talent. Candidates want to see your culture and the type of work you do. If you’re not constantly talking about yourself, you will go under the radar for job-seekers. Show up on social media, your website and in industry news.

2. Nurture your current team.

One of the best ways to attract talent is to make sure that your current team is happy. If you have strong retention, you’ll create a reputation for being a great place to work that is better than any certification. Talk to your team about what they want and find ways to implement what they want.

3. Host good interviews.

Host your interviews with the assumption the candidate is going to tell their friends and colleagues about it (they probably will). Get the basics right: give constructive feedback, be kind, ask relevant questions, communicate in between stages, and show up on time.

4. Package your benefits uniquely.

You don’t need to invest thousands in employee perks to have an attractive benefits package. Get creative by packaging your benefits so they are unique to your agency and employer brand.

5. Partner with Latte (that’s us).

We work with lots of leading small to mid-size PR agencies to help them stand out and win the fight for talent. We provide tailored consultation that will help you elevate your reputation in the industry and compete for top-tier talent.

If you’d like tailored consultation on how you can improve your talent attraction efforts email: [email protected] or get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page. 

P.S. Liked these tips? You’ll probably like our podcast episode where we chat more in depth about how small to midsize PR agencies can win the fight for talent. Give it a listen here.

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