We are Latte.

All good things start with a bunch of people all on the same page. We're creating a particularly affable culture at Latte, with a team who understand that kicking goals short term means always thinking long term. 

John Bingham.jpg

ExecutivE Assistant

John Boy is an artist from East London who really digs Mac & Cheese. Naturally, with credentials like that, we hired him as our Director’s right-hand man to keep things up to scratch. Okay, so it wasn’t only his mastery of the pencil and his thing for fromage that we liked. But we do really like that about him.

His dedication to Latte's online presence, and his knack for keeping the books under control, make John invaluable in the office and beyond. He's able to manage our multiple social media channels like a wiz, a skill he’s clearly attained from championing his own websites. He’s the type of guy who cleans to keep calm, drinks to dance and secretly watches The Kardashians. Honestly, he’s the kinda guy you want around the office. See John’s art at www.johnbinghamstudio.com.

Dean Connelly.jpg


Deano is our Aussie chief who hails from some strange-sounding place down under. He’s the type of guy who not only has big dreams, but the type of guy who chases them too. (Unless we’re talking about his childhood ambition to become an actor. Mum crushed that, telling him he’d end up on drugs and die.) He’s spent most of his career working towards turning Latte into a reality. And it’s sweet that he says he owes more to Oprah than his Double Business Major in Management & Marketing.

As one of the most people-people we know, it seems a little strange that he enjoys Friday-nights-in so much. Though, it's usually so he can wake up fresh on Saturday to have brunch and meditate, which is no doubt why he's such a good head honcho. Dean gets that everyone’s an individual, so allows the flexibility to be tremendous.

Sarah Wisbey.jpg

Sarah Wisbey
PR Recruitment Consultant

Wisbo, as her friends like to call her, comes from Beckenham. Growing up she dreamed of being a Forensic Scientist even though she’s petrified of blood. We have no idea how this correlates to recruitment, but we know it’s her inquisitive skills which help her find people the right job.

We hired Sarah to take charge of freelance recruitment. She helps our clients find an extra pair of hands and she helps candidates realise that work-life balance really is achievable in PR & Social media.

On weekends, you’ll catch Sarah scouring the internet for fabulous high-end fashion items which she sells through her online retail store www.namelessboutique.com. If she's not doing that you'll find her at the bar with a prosecco in hand.