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The facts

Location: Shoreditch, London (hybrid)

About Woodrow

Woodrow is a communications consultancy. It positions its clients to lead the debates shaping tomorrow’s world. Woodrow aims to tell the stories that matter, helping individuals and organisations become a force for good.

Founded in 2018 in the belief that there was a better way to do comms, Woodrow goes against the rigid, top-down approach that defined businesses in the past, emphasising diversity, curiosity and honest, strategic, relentless work.

Specialising in advisory, communications and reputation, its team of more than 20 from a range of backgrounds speak 10 languages. Woodrow’s client list includes some of Europe’s fastest-growing consumer brands, VC-backed tech startups, international conglomerates and trade bodies, and social enterprises.

Woodrow has a network of experts that spans numerous fields, but its focus and strengths are its people. The belief is that a healthy, happy, diverse group have better ideas, work more effectively and create a greater sense of togetherness, and this shows. Everyone is encouraged to work on the business as well as in it, owning their role and taking responsibility for their clients.

Woodrow invests heavily in personal development and overall well-being, offering meditation, yoga and mentorship opportunities, having regular team outings, and running workshops. Their advisory board contains internationally respected names from the worlds of communications, finance, business, technology and law. Every team member is awarded share options after 6 months.


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