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Press Box PR

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The facts

Team Size: 40

Location: Central London (Barbican)

A few big names...

About Press Box PR

Bringing together the best PR minds and ex-journalists, Press Box PR was founded in 2020 by Alex Donohue, motivated to harness the value those with firsthand experience of working in media could bring to modern day PR.

Since then, they’ve grown rapidly into a thriving agency, gaining coverage and creating campaigns for brands across sport, consumer and B2B. Press Box PR also has a Talent Management team, using editorial and PR skills to help household names grow their profiles, steal the limelight and increase their commercial value.

Press Box PR’s specialisms include digital PR/PR for SEO, creative and brand PR, B2B PR and publicity for talent, all underpinned by a thorough, firsthand understanding of how media works.


Client portfolio

Press Box works with a range of clients across Sport PR, Consumer PR, B2B PR, and Talent Management. Clients include:

  • The Government of Western Australia
  • Guides for Brides
  • Saxo
  • Slingo
  • Canterbury Rugby
  • Betfair



With an open-plan office in the heart of Barbican, the Press Box PR team is a collaborative and friendly bunch who take pride in relationship building and the positives associated with regular in-person interactions with journalists, clients and colleagues.

The vast majority of the Press Box PR team, over 80%, are working in their first PR job having previously been journalists and editors at the world’s most respected publications, which creates a culture positively differing from many agencies in terms of media knowledge, creativity and dynamism.

Press Box PR is proud of creating an environment where people with all levels of experience are given responsibility, support and reward accordingly, enjoying being part of a growing team and the associated social benefits.


Diversity & Inclusion

Press Box is an agency committed to proactively creating an inclusive environment that celebrates and champions diversity of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and socio-economic background. The MD has committed to creating an inclusive space that not just encourages talent from different educational backgrounds, but also from underrepresented geographical locations in the UK.

As a part of their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry, Press Box has formed partnerships with state schools in Croydon and Peckham to raise awareness of careers in media and PR to students and offer paid work experience programmes for students without any existing connection to the industry.

Over 80% of the Press Box PR team has no background in the PR industry and varying educational and professional experiences. The agency is committed to ensuring it continues to cultivate its reputation as an environment where anyone can thrive, with increased diversity and an inclusive culture playing a vital part in this journey.


Interested in joining Team Press Box?

Email [email protected] for more information on live roles or join our talent pool to be the first to know about relevant opportunities at Press Box PR.

Top 5 Benefits:

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