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The facts

Team Size: 40

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Hours: 9am - 5.30pm

A few big names...

About GingerMay

We love the Gingers. So much so that we've become their exclusive recruitment partner.

There's a pretty long list that make this agency a fab place to work. We love that they care for the environment. Every team member is given a reusable coffee cup and they utilise their ground coffee and used tea bags to fertilise their garden. But they don't stop there. Their paperless working environment has reduced their environmental footprint even further. When it's an absolute necessity to use paper, they make sure its 100% recycled.

Innovation and staying ahead of the curve is paramount at GingerMay. They're one of the few tech PR agencies we know that send some of the team to Cannes every year. Absorbing everything creative and contributing to the debates.

What's most impressive about the agency is their growth rate. In 2018, revenue grew 45% showing that agencies based outside of London really can kick some serious goals. It means the Gingers can enjoy working at a dynamic agency without ever having to deal with the sweaty rush of peak tube hour in London.

Their growth also means the team are expanding rapidly. It gives individuals the chance to make the most of their extensive training & development programme and climb up the career ladder to help with expanding areas of the business.

Top 5 Benefits: