"If they aren't the right fit for your business, we won't send them..."


We're picky about who we recruit for because we understand that it's creativity, strategy and clever minds behind the most impactful campaigns. And because we only work with companies that the best PR people want to work for, we tend to attract some pretty good talent.

But we don't just send CVs because they look good on paper. That's just a waste of time. At Latte we'll meet with a candidate first; to really drill into their skillset, find out what campaigns they've run, discuss challenges they've faced and get a feel for the kind of environments they've worked in.

This is the only way we can get an idea of what kind of person they are and if we think you're going to like them. And if we do see potential, you'll receive a detailed email with every CV, which outlines important positives along with any concerns around the candidate's experience and personality.

This allows all our clients to make more informed decisions from the get go.

If you have a vacancy for an awesome candidate, get in touch with Dean Connelly 07544 431 759 | dean@wearelatte.com to discuss.