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The B Corp Diaries: Our Intentions

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It’s B Corp month, so really there’s absolutely no better time to announce our intention of becoming a B Corp certified business.

 We know that B Corp certification isn’t new and that many have gone before us. But we’re not here to be trendsetters, we’re here to follow in the footsteps of the brilliant companies leading the way, taking steps to recognise that business impacts and serves more than just shareholders, committing to making sure that our impact is positive.

 I must admit. I’m a little nervous. A number of questions come to mind.

Do we have the capacity to take on this workload as a small team?

Do we have the time to change policies so they are cemented in stone?

 At the core of Latte, we’ve always had strong ethics. Treat others with respect, always be upfront and honest with clients and candidates, and ensure we create an amazing team culture.

That’s why we started with complete flexible working and unlimited holidays 6 years ago. We’d prefer to lose out on placing someone into a role if it isn’t right for them or the hiring company. And, we’ve also done our bit for the wider community when time or resources have allowed – providing mentoring to underprivileged job seekers, donating to causes that needed attention and doing drop-offs to the homeless. But we want to do more, not just when opportunity allows, but actually weaving these threads into the tapestry of how we’re built.

B Corp feels like, and is, a big deal. As a small, and now fast-growing business, so much of our resources are being put into streamlining procedures, hiring new team members, and sorting out training programmes. B Corp is a huge commitment, but on reflection it’s the most important thing we can do at this point in our growth. Here’s why;

●       Positive impact: First and most importantly, B Corp allows us to set in stone how we are having a positive impact on society and puts us through a rigorous assessment. This allows us to be challenged and adapt our approach to how we give back to the world. One of our driving motivations is to support low socio-economic, neuro diverse, and ethnically diverse talent into a sector that is dominated by white-middle class candidates. We want to do our part to see campaigns that have proper diverse representation.

●       Attracting and retaining employees: In a world, where great talent is not only hard to find but hard to keep, setting in stone how we want to give back to the world helps create and attract a more engaged workforce. It also helps us attract more of the right type of person who fits our values. Our team want to be doing more for the good of the world but are regularly met with, “absolutely, but maybe next quarter when we have more time”. Getting the ball rolling on B Corp sets in stone our commitment to people, planet and employees and creates a clear action plan. When you’re stuck, a to-do list is always the best way out. Not only does B Corp provide this, but also a strategic long-term plan to shift how we think, act, and impact the planet to positively impact our workers, the wider PR industry, communities, and the world.

●       Client relationships: This sounds boastful, but our clients always speak highly of our transparency and ethics. Being B Corp certified will cement this in stone. It provides us with a badge of honour that allows us not to just say “hey, we operate ethically” but actually prove it. Commercially, B Corp makes sense.

●       Jobseeker relationships: We know job seekers often hate dealing with recruiters. When we launched Latte, our goal was to remove the stains of the industry, providing warm, open communications styles, honest advice and real job insight, many of which our peers don’t provide. Just like with our clients, B Corp allows candidates to see that we truly are committed to doing good by them, rather than just having to take our word for it.

As we go through our journey, we’ll share updates with you. The challenges, the parts that were easier than expected, and the positive impact that will follow of being proudly B Corp.

Whilst we’re still at the beginning of our journey, we hope this will inspire change in our own company, the PR sector, and beyond. It’s not something to define us, but something to guide our actions and catalyse Latte’s positive impact to use business as a force for good.

Written by Dean Connelly, Recruitment Director and Founder of Latte Recruitment. For business enquiries or hiring advice, please contact via email [email protected]

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