Go Freelance

Here you can find everything you need to know about going freelance in PR. 

If you have any unanswered questions just give our Freelance PR Recruitment Consultant Sarah Wisbey a call on 07727 654 292 or drop her an email at sarah@wearelatte.com

You've already made the fabulous jump into freelance PR work? 

Make sure you don't miss out on freelancing at some of London's most kick ass agencies. Latte don't recruit for every man and their dog, only the best in the biz like John Doe, Fever, Hope & Glory and Cow to name a few. 

To be kept in the loop on relevant freelance PR jobs email your CV to sarah@wearelatte.com

New to freelancing? Here are our top points of insight:

1. The freelance PR job market is buoyant especially at Account Manager to Account Director level. This is across all sectors. If you are within these levels and you're good, you can expect to have regular work. 

2. The day rate paid depends on the agency and their budget. Get in touch with Sarah Wisbey on sarah@wearelatte.com to get a better feel for freelance day rates for your level and sector focus. 

3. As a freelancer you get paid a higher day rate compared with your permanent equivalents. 

4. There are four ways to get paid: 

  • On a PR agency's payroll: The PR agency pays your day rate directly to you. Typically this is paid in time with their payroll (i.e. monthly or fortnightly). You still accrue holiday and sick pay this way. 

  • Limited Company: You can set yourself up as a limited company. You will then invoice the PR agency directly and they will pay you as a supplier. You don't accrue holiday pay or sick pay. 

  • Sole Trader: You can set yourself up as a sole trader however we recommend against this. The HMRC is cracking down on sole traders. The basic rule is that to be a sole trader you must be working unsupervised and using your own equipment (i.e. like a plumber). Recruitment agencies are now required to produce a report to HMRC every quarter on what sole traders they have placed into work. 

  • Umbrella Company: These are being used less often. Essentially they handle your pay for a fee each week. They invoice the recruitment agency or the PR agency and pay you. 

We have lots more insight to share. So if you're thinking about going freelance and want more advice give Sarah Wisbey a call on  07727 654 292 or drop her an email at sarah@wearelatte.com