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John Doe

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The facts

Team Size: 16

Location: Old Street

Hours: 9am - 5pm

A few big names...

About John Doe

At their core, John Doe are pro's in youth culture marketing. They develop on trend campaigns that are culturally connected and have creative depth.

We love that they are an uber-trendy crew, super grounded and ridiculously creative. But you won't see them being too cool for school at award ceremonies and shouting from the roof tops about why they think they're awesome. No, not at John Doe.

You'll see them immersed in campaigns that have impact for both the brand they are working for and the customers they are targeting. In our humble opinion, their work for Absolut Vodka is some of the best you'll see in London town.

Instead of yelling about Absolut Vodka's support for the gay community, they recruited a Squad of Allies and asked the public to join them. They raised awareness of LGBTQ issues and connected gays and non-gays alike, delivering a campaign that had impact for both the brand and the community. They also helped amplify Absolut Vodka's campaign of taking hate signs from rallies across the world, extracting the ink and adding a drop into every label, spreading a better message of love.

If you are someone that wants to work in an agency where creative is a democracy, not owned by one person. An agency where you'll deliver both global and UK campaigns that make a difference. And, work on campaigns that shift brand perception or engage consumers with emotion, then John Doe should be on your consideration list.

Email a Latte consultant today to register your interest in working at John Doe.

Top 5 Benefits: