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Five in a Boat

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The facts

Team Size: 15

Location: London/Berkshire (remote-first)

A few big names...

About Five in a Boat

Five in a Boat was founded in 2018 by Jules Herd - former rower and Global VP of Comms at HTC and Deezer. Inspired by the teamwork of a coxed four (a rowing crew), the agency’s affinity to rowing extends beyond its name. Just like a coxed four, the team at Five in a Boat work together - combining trust, dedication, determination and honesty to reach a shared goal.

Launching with zero investment and no clients, the agency is now thriving – doubling in revenue year on year and partnering with some seriously hot shot clients in the B2B music and gaming sphere. Most recently this includes a world-renowned charity concert and an iconic London music studio.

It’s no surprise they made it into TechRound’s ‘Top 100 Tech Start-ups’ last year.

Remote-first working

Five in a Boat is one of the few agencies we work with that operate a remote-first flexible working policy. The team works remotely most of the time, meeting every other week (in London or Berkshire) to catch up, bounce ideas off each other and enjoy some social time.

Transformative tech in music and gaming

Five In A Boat’s client portfolio is packed full of exciting music tech and gaming clients that are revolutionising their field:

On the music front - the team have worked with music icons like Imogen Heap (the Grammy award-winner, and her ground-breaking Mi.Mu gloves - used by Ariana Grande) and Bjorn Ulvaeus from ABBA and his company, Session (a music rights company obtaining the rightful remunerations for musicians).

On the gaming side – they've partnered with iconic games legends like Jagex, and leading esports competition platform - Challenger Mode.

Diversity & Inclusion

They’re a friendly bunch, with expertise from a diverse range of backgrounds to form their crew of storytellers, reputation specialists, analysts and blue-sky thinkers. Please see the agency’s Diversity & Inclusion statement below.

“We want Five in a Boat to be a safe, productive and fun space for all of our employees - to achieve this we actively strive to be diverse and inclusive and are always focused on fostering a fair, collaborative and open-minded culture. We do not tolerate any form of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, religious discrimination or bigotry and anyone who displays this behaviour has no future in our company.”


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Top 5 Benefits: