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The facts

Team Size: 15

Location: Old Street

Hours: 9am - 5.30pm

A few big names...

About Fanclub

We get warm and fuzzy when we talk about Fanclub. We're their exclusive recruitment partner and couldn't be more chuffed to help the agency find top talent as part of their growth plan.

Adrian Ma, the Founder of the agency, has to be one of the nicest guys going. He's cool, calm, collected and a self-confessed PR nerd. Adrian believes in the power of earned media, telling a brand's story and that you get the best out of your employees when they aren't overworked. This passion for PR is infectious and is what the team feed off when creating campaigns that have impact.

Ensuring you have a good work/life balance really is at the core of the agency. 90% of the time you'll be out the door by 6 pm. No eyebrows raised. They even have a part-time in-house coach for both emotional and career support.

What's even cooler about this squad is that their hiring policy is focused on making sure dickheads don't join the agency. They love people who are truly individual. It means they are an eclectic bunch, each with their own voice and ideas and absolutely no egos. It makes for a more pleasant and interesting work environment.

One of our favourite Fanclub campaigns was when they had the great grand-daughter of the leader of the suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst, smash a Harvey Nichols window as part of the retailer's support for female empowerment. It was a powerful statement and produced amazing video content that spread far and wide in partnership with TWBA. (Check out the campaign video in the circle above)

If Fanclub is now on your target list to work at, get in touch with a Latte consultant today to be kept in the loop on upcoming jobs.

Top 5 Benefits: